Twister’s Revenge! (1987)

Bill Rebane has made a few disastrous horror/sci-fi films over the years, among these are The Giant Spider Invasion, The Capture of Bigfoot, and The Alpha Incident. Well, Bill went “comedy” with Twister’s Revenge, though it’s added a sci-fi element in the form of a monster truck with an AI called Twister. The truck’s creator, a super intelligent female programmer, is kidnapped by three goofy bad-guys, and her cowboy husband has to hunt them down. Luckily, Twister helps him do this.

This film is pure terrible trash. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time, it really is… Actually it is a bit entertaining in the typical campy way, but most of it is just an exercise in embarrassingly bad scenes with terrible characters and jokes (Twister: I am my usual logical, thinking self! Dave: C’mon… I’m only pulling your tire.).


Check out this bar scene, for an example:


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