Ghost Stories: Walking With The Dead

ImageGhosts, poltergeists, and haunted houses seem to be always popular ingredients in TV entertainment, from reality shows to long ronning series; we’ve all seen these somewhat paranormal shows, where we follow a psychic or a host, investigating a mysterious mansion, cemetary, or haunted house; sometimes helping the victims of a poltergeist to get rid of it, other times trying themselves to communicate with a spirit just for the audience. Honestly, most of these shows are so full of underlying sound effects, cheap visual tricks, and a suspiciously enthusiastic cast, that it’s hard to be really frightened, or even entertained.

Unfortunately, Dan T. Hall‘s feature has some of these flaws. “Walking With The Dead” is the first entry in a series of four under the monicker “Ghost Stories“, in which the film crew visits haunted locations, accompanied by different personalities somehow affiliated with the paranormal. There is a “demonologist” and an “intuitive” that frequently comment on the given locations, though the most intriguing persons in the film are those strange characters who present the haunted places; most of them are quite special and seem to genuinely believe in what they say. Which is good for the film of course.

The actual exploration of the locations is at some moments done with a cheap looking nightvision/black & white camera, forcing a feel of authenticity similar to certain scenes in The Blair Witch Project, yet not as effective because of the distancing, spooky soundtrack. There’s even a scene where we hear footsteps, and there’s a text written “unidentified footsteps”. Anyone interested in strange locations and houses can get something out of this, but it’s really not scary at all, and the entertainment factor was mainly because of the characters and places involved, rather than the actual hauntings.

4 out of 10


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